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Wine Notes 3.1.2 available in the App Store

Published: 10.02.2015

The latest update 3.1.2 eliminates registration allowing users to save wine notes on iPhone. However, we do recommend all users to register, login and sync on a regular basis to keep all wine notes safe. This new update does not change anything for already registered users. Proceed using the app as you did in the past and continue to have fun taking wine notes!

For more information and to keep your wine notes safe please read our FAQ.

New Year's Eve selection

Published: 09.01.2015

Here are the top 5 producers you have been choosing for the New Year's Eve dinner. Apparently, the Californian wines were just perfect to accomplish that day. All five of them are from the land surrounded by natural wonder, where the sun is always shining.

»Share by E-mail« feature re-design

Published: 05.12.2014

The latest Wine Notes update 3.1.1 includes a beautifully crafted »Share« function that encourages sharing your wine experience with friends and family. With this enhanced feature, Wine Notes users are able to share all the information about the wine including the bottle details, aromas, profile, personal note, and (of course) the rating! After each insert simply choose »Share« and send the wine to your iphone contacts. Whether its red, white or rose ... Wine Notes is best when shared with friends.

Registration prompt

Published: 05.12.2014

Wine Notes now requires registration to keep all wine safe and synchronized. Existing users will be prompted to login or register. Existing users registering for the first time will automatically have their wine inserts transferred from iPhone to the server. This assures safe back up of all wine. New users will be prompted to register. As new wine is inserted, data will automatically be synced and saved. Note: we recommend that syncing every time before logging out. When logging back in, choose the option »Use server data«. For more please read FAQ.