About us

We are a young group of American and European experts with varying specialties including
technology, design and marketing. Some of us are more into white, some more into red,
but we all share a great passion in discovering new and exciting wine.

When taking over Wine Notes in November 2013, we undertook a major challenge to
completely overhaul the app without taking away from the user experience and all the
desirable features Wine Notes offers.

Wine Notes remains the most in-depth app for rating, tracking and sharing wines on the
market. Notes is now optimized to the latest iOS platform, has a completely new redesign
and flawless performance. Looking ahead, we are focused on developing new features
that will enhance the overall experience. These future improvements were suggested
by our users. Every single one.
So raise a glass and enjoy taking notes!

Cheers! Santé! Salud! Na zdravje! Skål! 干杯! Kippis! Slaute! Будем здоровы! Yamas! Cin cin! Saúde!


Note: Registering with the Wine Notes app protects your data from getting lost. When signed in, your data is automatically synced and saved. We do recommend to take wine notes only when signed in. Sync your data each time before signing out of the account. When signing in again, choose the option »Use server data«.

Q: How do I get Wine Notes on my iPhone?

A: Wine Notes is free and available to download through Apple’s App Store.

Q: I was prompted to register in the past. What happens now when the registration is not required anymore?

A: For all registered users, everything stays the same as it was before. We recommend to use the app as a registered user and to be signed into the app. Your iPhone will be synced to the server making it easy to recover your data if you get a new phone or happen to lose your current one. It's the best way to protect your wine notes.

Q: What will happen with my wine notes if I do not have a reliable internet connection or if I use it while I am not connected to the internet?

A: First of all, make sure to be signed into the app when taking wine notes. Although your data will be synced as soon as you are connected to the internet and inside the app, we do recommend to sync your data manually as well.

Q: I am a registered user. Can I use the app without being signed in?

A: We recommend to take wine notes only when signed in. When signed in, all data will transfer to the server from your phone. If you take wine notes when signed out, you will lose some of your data – depends which option you choose when signing in again (Use Server Data/Add Device Data). So, again, we do recommend to take wine notes only when signed in so none of your data gets lost.

Q: Where are the »sign in« and »sign out« options?

A: You can find them under »Settings«.

Q: When signing in again the app asks me: „Would you like to add the data from this iPhone or overwrite it with the data from the server?“ What should I do?

A: If you have not created an account and never synced your iPhone then choose „Add Device Data“ and your iPhone will be synced to the server. However, if you have an account and already performed a sync your data is already on the server so choose „Use server data“ option. Note: As we already mentioned it, if you are registered we do recommend you to take wine notes only when signed in.

Q: How can I create an account?

A: You can simply register using your Facebook account or you can create an account using the Wine Notes registration form. You can find both under »Settings«.

Q: I have been using the Wine Notes app without being registered. What will happen with my data when I register?

A: All your data will be automatically transfered from your iPhone to the server. Here are some common, but very helpful tips for successful registration process:

  • 1. Back-up your iPhone first. In the event that your registration is unsuccessful we recommend (but do not require) that you back up your iPhone to iTunes BEFORE you register in the event something goes wrong with the process.
  • 2. Get online You have to be connected to a reliable internet connection during the entire registration process.
  • 3. Confirm After you register you must verify by clicking on the link in your email from your iPhone. If you can't find the email you should check junk/ spam folder and other folders such as »Promotions« in Gmail.
  • 4. Choose »Add Device Data« You have registered and you are about to sign for the first time. The app will ask you: „Would you like to add the data from this iPhone or overwrite it with the data from the server?“ Choose »Add Device Data«. All your data will be transfered from your iPhone to the server.
  • 5. Sync After verification is complete and you are back in Wine Notes you must wait until sync comes to an end - 6 of 6 steps completed before closing the app.

Still have problems or prefer that we set up your account manually? We are glad to help you out, just email us at: info@winenotesapp.com
If you ever sign out again, make sure to sync your data and wait until it is fully completed – reaches 100%. After signing in again choose »Use server data«.

Q: How does syncing work?

A: Go to: Settings -> Sync Options ->. Wait until the sync is complete (100%). The Wine Notes app will automatically sync (transfer) all your data. Important: When syncing you must stay signed into the app. For faster process you need to have the app open (not in the background) and you need to prevent your phone from going to sleep.

Q: Is it safe to sign out and not lose any data?

A: Yes, but before you do sign out of Wine Notes make sure to sync the app first. After signing in again choose »Use server data« option.

Q: I have lost my password. How can I reset it?

A: Go to: A: Settings -> Create Account & Sign in -> Reset my password. Resetting the password only works when signed out of your account. Note! Before signing out make sure to sync the app and wait until it is completed – reaches 100 %. After signing in again choose »Use server data«.

Q: How can I change my password?

A: When signed into your Wine Notes account go to: -> Create account and Sign in -> Change Password. Type your current password, then type your new password twice and click the Change button. Changing a password works only when signed into your Wine Notes account and connected to the internet.

Q: I am planning to buy a new iPhone. What will happen with my data?

A: Before changing your iPhone make sure that you are registered and synced within Wine Notes app. Sync your data before signing out and choose »Use server data« when signing in again.

Q: Which devices are compatible with the application?

A: For now, Wine Notes is officially supported on iPhone and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Q: Does Wine Notes App also work on iPad?

A: As of now, Wine Notes is really an iPhone app and it is not officially supported on iPad. Although it does work, we can not guarantee its performance.

Q: Is it also going to be officially supported on iPad?

A: We are currently focused on developing new features that will enhance the overall experience. Developing an iPad version is definitely a future plan.

Q: How do I sync data on different devices using the same account?

Although we can not guarantee the performances on other devices than iPhone, we highly recommend to:

  • - Use one device at the time (if connected to the internet). It is not the best to send data to the server from different devices at the same time.
  • - When you add or edit your data, be connected to the internet. If not, sync as soon as you get connected to the internet and then do it on all other devices as well, so everything is synced.
Q: My account name is my old email address. Can I change my account name to my new email address?

A: Yes. It can be changed with the help of our technical support. Please send us an email at: info@winenotesapp.com.

Q: Is it possible to download data into a spreadsheet or export it?

A: As of now, Wine Notes supports only individual wine exporting via „Email This Wine“ option.

Q: Where is the »Browse« category now that used to be in a menu?

A: The Browse category can be now found under »Find« category in the main menu.

Q: I do not want to receive notifications. What should I do?

A: You can switch off push notifications in Wine Notes app by going into Settings, Push Notifications and turn the red toggle to white/off. Just in case, turn off notifications on your iPhone settings as well.

Q: After I updated my iPhone to the latest iOS, I can not use camera inside Wine Notes app. What should I do?

A: In most cases the issue is related to user's privacy settings. We recommend to check your Privacy under Settings. Go to: Settings (on your iPhone) ->Privacy -> Photos. Turn the toggle »on«. If it was already turned on and you can not use the camera anyway, please contact us and we will try to find a cause.


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